Accident at Work Claims

Being injured at work could leave you unable to do your job as well as struggling to carry on normal life. The financial and personal impact of this can be huge. At Wolferstans, our experts regularly support clients in accident at work claims, so we can provide clear, confident support through the whole process, getting you the compensation you deserve.

Receiving compensation can make a real difference in your life. It can replace lost income if you need to take time off work, as well as fund any specialist treatment, equipment and care you need. It can also go some way toward making amends for your pain, suffering and any impact on your lifestyle.

Want to know if you can claim workplace injury compensation? We will be happy to hear all about your situation, then explain whether you are likely owed compensation and how much. You can decide what you want to do next with no pressure from us.

To arrange a free initial no obligation consultation with our accident at work solicitors, please contact our Personal Injury team on 01752 663295.

Are you owed accident at work compensation?

To claim accident at work compensation, you need to show that your employer or former employer was responsible for your injuries.

This might be because they failed to provide proper training or personal protective equipment (PPE). It could also be because they failed to operate a safe working environment, e.g. dealing promptly and appropriately with any hazards. There are also a range of other situations that could give rise to a claim, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our workplace accident solicitors can quickly assess your case and provide an expert opinion on whether you are likely owed compensation. We will then talk you through exactly what you need to do to make a claim.

We offer no win, no fee funding and the vast majority of claims we take on are settled out of court. This allows our clients to avoid the time, cost, stress and uncertainty associated with court proceedings.

Why choose Wolferstans for your workplace injury claim?

Independently recognised expertise

Our Personal Injury team are highly experienced with accident at work claims. You can trust that we know exactly how to build the strongest possible case and that our team will get you the maximum available compensation for your claim.

No win, no fee accident at work claim funding

To avoid any concern over the cost of making a claim, we offer no win, no fee funding for accident at work claims. You will not need to pay us anything upfront to start a claim.

No win no fee funding

Exceptional personal service

The physical and emotional impact of an injury can take a real toll. We do not want to add to your concerns, so our team offers sensitive, personal support and clear, practical advice, making the whole claims process as easy as possible for you.

Very high success rate

We have a very high success rate for our clients, with a track record of securing the maximum available compensation under very challenging circumstances. This means you can be confident you will get the support you and your family deserve.

Free consultation – find out if you can claim workplace accident compensation

We offer a free initial no obligation consultation during which we will be able to tell you if you have a claim for an accident at work.

To arrange your consultation, please contact our Personal Injury team on 01752 663295.

Key facts about workplace accident and injury claims

How to claim accident at work compensation

There are various stages to the claims process. The key steps are as follows:

  1. Free consultation with our teamWe will listen to your experience, including how your accident occurred and how it’s impacting your life. We can then advise on whether we can help you get compensation and how much this might be.
  2. Building your caseWe will collect all the necessary evidence to support your claim, including an independent medical evaluation and any proof of negligence by your employer or former employer.
  3. Valuing your claimWe will look at the ways in which your injuries have affected your life to make sure the damages we seek fully reflect the impact on you. This includes any lost income if you have to give up work or change jobs.
  4. Seeking a settlementIn most cases, we will be able to negotiate a settlement with your employer or former employer or their insurer. This will get you maximum compensation as quickly as possible and with minimal stress.
  5. Court proceedingsIn the unlikely event that a settlement cannot be negotiated, it may be necessary to pursue your claim in court. If this happens, we will make sure your case is well prepared and that you have the strongest possible representation.

You can find out more about how to claim workplace injury compensation in your free initial no obligation consultation.

Work accident claim time limits

You normally have 3 years to bring a workplace injury claim. This will be counted from the date you knew that you had been injured.

Time limits vary, however, meaning you may sometimes have less time to claim. We recommend speaking to a claims expert as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss the chance to get compensation for your injuries.

How long does a work injury claim take?

The time to get compensation will depend entirely on the situation. Generally, if a settlement can be negotiated, this will be much faster than court proceedings.

Can you be fired for making an injury claim against your employer?

If your employer terminated your employment or otherwise treated you unfairly due to your claim against them, then you might have grounds for an employment claim. Our Employment Law team can advise further on this.

Transferring your accident at work claim to Wolferstans from another solicitor

If you have started a workplace injury claim with another firm and are unhappy with their performance, it may be possible for us to take over your case.

Not happy with your existing solicitor?

Free consultation – find out if you can claim work accident compensation

We offer a free initial no obligation consultation during which we will be able to tell you if you have a claim for an accident at work.

To arrange your consultation, please contact our Personal Injury team on 01752 663295.