£10,000 recovered for incorrect lens inserted into the Claimant’s eye.

In 2007 Mrs C was advised that she had a cataract developing over her eye; however this did not start to impact on her vision until 2012, when she was told she would require surgery. 

Mrs C underwent surgery in 2012. Shortly before the surgery the consultant advised Mrs C that he had reviewed her notes and she required a different lens to that which he had been planning to insert and reassured her that this would improve her vision. 

Mrs C’s vision did not improve after the surgery. At her follow up appointment Mrs C reported that her vision had not improved.  Although her vision was not worse, she had been expecting to be able to see better at a distance. Mrs C was asked at her follow up appointment to look at the chart and to cover her right eye.  Mrs C was unable to read any of the letters.  

Mrs C was advised she would need a subsequent operation on her right eye to ‘even out’ her vision and this would resolve her problems. At this point Mrs C had to cover one eye to see long distance and one eye to read up close.  

In March 2013 Mrs C went for surgery on her right eye. She was told after the operation she needed new glasses, however when she went to collect them, the dispensing optician queried the prescription advising it did not look correct. Mrs C struggled with her vision after her second operation; she would constantly drop things or accidentally cut herself as she could not see properly. Mrs C stopped going out of the house as she was so concerned about her vision. 

Mrs C attended a post operative appointment in April 2013 with her original surgeon, who asked her how she was.  Mrs C told him that she was not coping, she was cutting things, missing things and that her vision was even worse after the second operation.  

Mrs C’s surgeon subsequently admitted that a mistake had been made during the first operation where the lens of another patient, with the same surname had been fitted during the first operation.

Mrs C then underwent a ‘piggy back operation’ where the correct lens was fitted on top of the old lens in her left eye.  

Mrs C attended a follow up operation in September 2013 and was informed that her vision was now 20:20. As part of Wolferstans’ investigation a report was obtained on behalf of Mrs C that confirmed there would be no long term effects on her vision. In December 2014 Mrs C’s claim was settled for £10,000. 

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