An increase of reported medical negligence claims

Recent news stories about the appalling suffering of patients and their families at Stafford Hospital may have come as a surprise to many people. Sadly these incidents are not unfamiliar to the team of Medical Negligence lawyers at Wolferstans. However shocking they may appear, they seem to be part of a general trend. There has been an increase of reported claims for compensation against a background of cuts being made to NHS budgets and services to patients.Despite these high profile cases both nationally and locally, many people think that such poor care doesn’t occur and that these cases are examples of scaremongering with Medical Negligence lawyers often portrayed as ambulance chasers preying on an already financially crippled NHS.Whilst the majority of patients experience good care from the NHS, negligence does occur and it is only if you or someone you know have been affected by such negligence that you can truly appreciate the often devastating impact that an injury caused by Medical Negligence can cause to your life and the life of those you love.Our team of lawyers at Wolferstans have been investigating claims against doctors and NHS providers locally for in excess of 30 years.

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