Avoid delay when selling your home

Are you thinking about selling your house this spring? If so there are a few things you can do now which will help your solicitor prepare the contract papers quickly and help unnecessary delay.

Sue Williams, Head of Residential Property at Wolferstans sits on the Conveyancing and land Law Committee at The Law Society and has been heavily involved in updating the Property Information Form which is completed by the seller to give information to the buyer and his solicitor.

The form, which has recently been published, contains the usual information required about a property with some new questions dealing with solar panels and the Green Deal. You can save time if you get together the following documents which show that any works have been done to the required standards:

  • Current guarantees for timber and damp treatments – together with the Survey Report and Specifications
  • Compliance certificates issued for new windows and glazed doors (FENSA) or a new boiler or water tank (Gas Safe)
  • Electrical rewiring since 1 January 2005 requires a certificate issued by a qualified electrician or building regulations certificate
  • If you’ve installed solar panels you will be required to provide the lease (if you’ve leased your roof to a company) or a receipt (if you’ve bought the panels outright)
  • If you’re signing up to the government’s new Green Deal initiative you will be required to provide the documents provided to you by your energy supplier including a copy of your most recent energy bill showing the costings
  • Should your property be affected by Japanese knotweed you will no doubt have an eradication plan. A copy of the plan together with details of the work carried out to date will reassure your buyer and their mortgage lender.

The list is not exhaustive. If you don’t have the documents you should check with your installer whether they were required. You can also check the building control page on the local government website to see if your works required a compliance certificate.

If in doubt you can raise concerns with your conveyancing solicitor at the outset, who will be able to give you appropriate advice on obtaining duplicates where necessary.

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