Brain Injury Group supports the Law Society’s message ‘seek the advice of a specialist personal injury solicitor’

The Law Society's warning last week was aimed towards people affected by a brain injury and how they are at risk being under compensated if they make a claim through their insurers. Both the Law Society and the Brain Injury Group have emphasised the importance of using a specialist brain injury solicitor.

Speaking to a specialist brain injury solicitor can provide the victim and their family access to medical experts and rehabilitation, as well as being confident that they will receive the appropriate level of compensation.

Wolferstans a member of the Brain Injury Group, a network of expert brain injury lawyers and specialist support services, has a particular reputation for acting for those with a brain injury.

We know that when a member of a family suffers a serious injury, it has a profound effect on not only the injured person but also the whole family. From the start we focus on the immediate needs of the injured person and their family in terms of physical and psychological support and also financial support.

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To read the Law Society’s article please click here.

To read the Brain Injury Group article  please click here.,1QPKE,20HQF1,67AI6,1

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