Car accidents – what to do

Being involved in an accident whether it’s a small knock or something more serious can be a daunting and traumatic time. As a driver, it’s important that you stay calm and don’t panic. 

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident you should remember to take the following steps:-  

  • Get yourself to a safe area where you are not at risk

  • Call the emergency services if needed

  • Exchange details with the other driver involved including telephone numbers, name and address, registration numbers and if possible insurance details. 

  • Make a note of the time and date of the accident.

  • Take photographs of the vehicles and accident location.

  • Write down the details of the other vehicle involved ie model, colour and year together with the amount of damage incurred. 

  • If anyone witnessed the accident, get their name and address.

  • Don’t get into discussions about who was in the wrong.

  • Report the accident to the Police.

  • Inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

  • Seek medical advice if you have suffered an injury.

By following the above steps you will help the police and insurance companies work out exactly what happened.

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