Compromise Agreements

If you have a Compromise Agreement for signature, we can help.  These are simply agreements to end your employment with a severance payment, and are designed to make sure that you have no further possible employment tribunal or other legal claim against your employer.  They will almost always include a confidentiality clause, and a clause providing that neither side will make any derogatory comments about the other.  The government has recently announced that compromise agreements would be renamed "settlement agreements" to make their purpose clearer

The agreement will almost always provide for your employer to pay your legal fees. 

Unless you have the agreement signed by an independent legal adviser, like us, it is not valid.  This is to protect you against signing away your employment rights without proper compensation, so in each case we will discuss with you the full circumstances to make sure the agreement is in your interests before it is signed up.

Sometimes some re-negotiation is required and this can add to the legal costs, but we will only embark on extra work at your request and where there are good reasons for pressing for an improved offer.

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