Discrimination Against Married Services Personnel

From 20 February 2014 married service personnel or those in civil partnerships are both entitled to Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) while serving married unaccompanied. 

The Armed Forces amended these rules following the Judgment of an Employment Tribunal in the favour of a Royal Navy Warrant Officer. Our Team advised the Warrant Officer, helping him secure a £40,000 refund of accommodation costs, compensation and damages. 

If you and your serving partner were married or in a civil partnership (PStatCat1s/5s) prior to 20 February 2014 and have been denied either SLA or SSSA there is a very good chance you are entitled to compensation and/or a refund of accommodation costs. Please call us without delay and we will try to help you recover your compensation on a no-win no-fee basis. 

Please note, there is a time limit in place which means we need to take certain steps prior to the 19 May 2014 in order to pursue your claim.  

Additionally, if you were, or are, married (PStatCat1) and denied SLA/SSSA due to the proximity of your own home (10-50 miles) then you may be entitled to compensation.  

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