Do you need help with someone’s affairs? Ask us about our Bereavement Assistance Service

When a loved one passes away, it can be incredibly daunting to know where to start. How do I pay the bills? What are my pension rights? Do I need a grant of probate?

Samantha has been a Solicitor for 14 years and as the Head of the Wills and Trusts department for 7 years,  understands that whilst it is not always necessary for a Grant of Probate to be obtained, even with a seemingly simple estate there is a lot of administrative work involved.

Samantha says  “Very often people are told ‘everything is in joint names, so it will be straightforward’, but the reality is often very different, especially when you are grieving and perhaps your loved one was the one who previously had always dealt with the paperwork side of things” . She adds “It can be very daunting for someone to admit that they are finding it hard to cope, especially as the forms and the paperwork start to arrive, which can be very confusing.”

“Where a grant of probate is not needed, often families do not expect a Solicitor to be involved, but at the same time, there is no obvious avenue that families can go to for advice and help. We decided to address this by offering a specific Bereavement Assistance Service to support our clients.”

The Bereavement Assistance Service is a fixed fee service where Wolferstans will simply deal with the administrative side of bereavement on behalf of families. Emma Oakley, from the Wills and Trust team says that ‘initial appointments with clients that have recently suffered a bereavement can be very emotional. Sometimes many appointments are about understanding the needs of the client and tailoring a specific package for them that ensures that everyone who needs to be told is contacted, and all accounts, utilities bills and pensions are transferred, at a minimum of fuss and in a timely and orderly fashion”.

Samantha agrees and advises that “At the end, this ensures that the bereaved person is left with peace of mind that everything has been put in place clearly to allow them to manage going forward. It means there is one less thing that they have to worry about”

Emma adds “Developing this service has meant that we can support those of our clients who don’t need the full legal involvement of estate administration, but who nevertheless need guidance when they are at their most vulnerable.

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