Does bringing a Clinical Negligence claim mean I won’t be able to receive NHS Care?

Wolferstans are contacted by many patients concerned about the treatment they have received either from their GP, at hospital or from some other health professional, but they are anxious about pursuing a claim for compensation, often even when their injuries are significantly life changing, as they are genuinely concerned that the claim will affect their ongoing treatment. 

It is important to remember that neither a GP nor a hospital have a right to refuse to treat you simply because you have made a complaint or are pursuing a clinical negligence claim against them. However, as a patient you need to trust the doctor who is treating you and you need to feel confident that you are getting the best treatment. It is possible that either you or your doctor will feel that it is not appropriate for you to continue to be treated by them because of the breakdown in the relationship between you. Doctors do react differently - you may need to be prepared for your doctor to suggest you go elsewhere. In addition you may not want to discuss issues potentially relevant to the litigation (such as whether you are ft to return to work) with the doctor who is your opponent. It may be easier for both of you to seek treatment elsewhere. 

In the case of your GP, you can choose to see another member of the practice or register with a different practice. In the case of the hospital, you can be treated by a different doctor at the hospital or you can be referred elsewhere.

Wolferstans have had a separate clinical negligence department for over 20 years, the members of which spend all their time exclusively investigating medical claims. This experience means that our success rate is very high; over 90% of the cases which we investigate and then pursue result in a payment of damages to our client.

We understand that pursuing a clinical negligence claim can seem daunting and as your solicitor we will not only seek to obtain compensation for your injuries but we will help you to obtain the right treatment and the practical support you need after your injury, giving you the best possible chance of living an active, able and fulfilling life. 

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