Holby City: New storyline focusing on dementia.

The weekly programme, Holby City has aired a new storyline which will be familiar to the many thousands of people affected by dementia, or its related problems, on a daily basis.  The medical drama is tackling dementia, with one of its characters, Serena Campbell, played by Catherine Russell, facing the fact that her mother may have dementia.  

Now over 800,000 people are living with dementia or a dementia related condition in the UK, but the reality is that this affects many more people besides that, with families, and carers of those living with dementia also being affected.  It can be very difficult to obtain a diagnosis, to know where to get help, and what such a diagnosis can mean.   

It will be interesting to see how the producers develop this storyline, which has been developed through the assistance of the Alzheimer’s Society.  The Alzheimer’s Society is working hard to develop dementia friendly organisations and Dementia Champions.   

Holby City, through tackling this subject, is helping to raise awareness of dementia as a diagnosis and a condition.   

Should you or your family require any legal advice in respect of living with dementia, or assisting a family member who has dementia, please feel free to contact Samantha Buckthought, Partner at Wolferstans Solicitors who is a Dementia Champion for the National Alzheimer’s Society and who heads a team who have all been trained in dealing with all aspects of dementia.  They can be contacted on 01752 663295.

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