How do I stop an estate being administered if I want to contest a Will?

If you do decide that you want to dispute a Will you may wish to enter a Caveat at the Probate Registry.  A Caveat is a notice in writing that no Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration may be issued in the estate of the deceased without notice to the person who has entered the Caveat. Once entered a Caveat will stay in place for a period of six months, at which time this can be renewed or discharged.

Caveat’s are a useful way of preventing the deceased’s estate from being administered whilst initial investigations take place.

A Caveat is a simple form which can be obtained from any Probate Registry in England and Wales. To complete the Caveat form, you need details of the deceased’s full name, last address and date of death. A nominal fee of £20 is payable.

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We are aware that contesting a Will or defending a claim is a difficult time for those involved;  not only is there the pressure, stress and strain of being involved in legal action but this is at a time when you are grieving for a loved one and often involves family members.  We pride ourselves on conducting inheritance disputes with the compassion and sensitivity required.

We can provide you with a unique service, as our team are specialised not only in bringing contested claims after the event, but also in administering estates and Will drafting, so we can advise on steps to be taken to avoid claims.

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