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The loss of a family member is devastating, even if your relationship has been a little bumpy over the years.  So there have been a few arguments along the way but don’t all families fall out from time to time? Blood is thicker than water and you always expected to have an opportunity to rebuild relations later down the line but the time was never quite right. 

You may be an adult in financially difficult circumstances. You may have had very little contact with your parents over the last few years. You hear that your mother has just died and you feel angry, bitter and upset at the missed opportunities.   You understand that her estate is worth several thousand pounds and she has left everything to your brother and her favourite charities, including your childhood home.  Your brother is already quite comfortably off financially, and is certainly far better off than you.

You try to talk to your brother. He says that you must respect your mum’s wishes and he is not prepared to give you anything from your mum’s inheritance.   You don’t know where to start in dealing with the charities.

You want to know if the law can help you. You have read in a newspaper and online that it is possible for Wills to be challenged, but you are not sure if this is something that ‘normal’ families do.   You don’t know whether morally it is the right thing to do but you feel angry, disappointed and cheated.

To make matters worse you don’t have any money to pay lawyer’s fees and have also heard that Legal Aid is no longer available.

There is a possible solution. You may be able to find a lawyer prepared to take on your case on a “no win no fee” basis. If you win your legal fees could be paid by your opponent or in some circumstances from the Estate.  If you lose you will not have to pay the legal fees.  The lawyer is taking a gamble. If you do not win he will not get paid.  He will want to be confident that your case has reasonable prospects of success before he is prepared to act for you but if he does agree to act it means he also has a vested interest in your claim and will work hard to achieve the best outcome for you. 

You are naturally worried about going to Court and having a Judge pick over your families’ lives but it may not come to that.  Going to Court is the last resort when it has not been possible to resolve matters by agreement between the parties.  Most cases are resolved without ever going to Court.  Lawyers will always explore alternative ways to resolve a dispute first. 

You want to feel confident that your lawyer will not judge you and will work hard to help you.  You may have been been disappointed in the last at the service you have had from another lawyer.

Wolferstans Solicitors are a trusted local firm who have been trading in Plymouth and the surrounding area  for over 200 years. Our dedicated inheritance dispute team are known for their pragmatic, clear and cost effective approach to these sensitive claims which enable them to achieve the best outcomes for our clients in often very difficult circumstances.  

We will discuss the funding options available to you.  We are happy to offer an initial no obligation and completely free half hour interview.  Please contact Sophie on 01752 292278 or Catherine on 01752 292398 for an initial chat or email us with details to  

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