Inheritance disputes are on the increase – Important funding changes in April could affect YOU

Disputes over Wills and inheritance, the way in which an estate is administered, or Trusts disagreements, are becoming more common-place.

Increasingly, people wish to bring claims surrounding the validity of a Will, the inheritance that they have been left, or actions of an Executor. More commonly, people are faced with claims that they have to defend either as an Executor or a beneficiary.

The Government is introducing changes to the way in which these claims are funded from the 1st April 2013.

Legal Aid will no longer be available for this type of claim, and further changes are being brought in which will affect claims funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement ( “No win/no fee agreement”).

There is a common misconception that these claims will always be paid for from the deceased person’s estate. However, although that is sometimes the case, these changes will affect the costs that can be recovered and a successful party may have to pay some of their legal costs from the sum they recover.

If you or someone you know has concerns over their entitlement under a Will or intestacy, or the way in which an estate is managed, they should act now and seek advice before these changes.

Wolferstans has a specialist department that acts exclusively for families bringing or defending such claims.

We have a long history of all types of probate claims, with one of the largest local private client teams.

The majority of our clients’ claims are settled without having to go to Court.

Wolferstans already offer a range of funding options, and will continue to do so after the 1st April 2013, so whatever your situation, you should contact us for an initial no obligation discussion.

For a free initial discussion, please contact Sophie Critchley on 01752 292278 or

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