January – The divorce month?

There has certainly been a trend for Clients to leave decisions relating to their marriage and possible divorce until the New Year. There are a number of reasons for this. Often people do not want to spoil Christmas, especially when there are children, by raising the possibility of divorce. Once the children have gone back to school, it suddenly seems the right time to approach the issue of divorce and separation. In addition, at New Year, people often take stock of their lives and make important decisions for the future including separation and divorce.

Finally over excess at Christmas, spending a long time together and financial problems often create a perfect storm which leads to people deciding their marriage is no longer working. On a practical basis, the fact that solicitors offices have also been closed for over a week does lead to a high level of new instructions at the beginning of January.Wolferstans has one of the largest teams of Family Lawyers in the South West, specialising in all aspects of Family Law. We can help you with all types of family matters in a professional and sympathetic way.For more information please call Sarah Webb on 01752 292239 or email swebb@wolferstans.com or Janet Toms please call 01752 292215 or email jtoms@wolferstans.com

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