Medical Negligence specialist excited to be joining Wolferstans

Plymouth law firm Wolferstans has appointed solicitor Peter Tassart to its medical negligence team.

The North Hill-based firm is recognised as one of the leading firms in the country providing specialist legal services to the victims of medical accidents.  Wolferstans’ specialist lawyers act exclusively for Claimants who have been injured during the course of their medical treatment and every year they recover millions of pounds in compensation for their clients.

Peter has over 20 years’ experience, originally in London and the South East before moving to Devon in 1999 and now specialises in medical negligence claims.

Peter is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers as a Senior Litigator, which recognises the very high standard of his expertise and competence in this area of the law.

Peter said: "I am delighted to join such an accomplished and knowledgeable team of lawyers with the tools and support needed to achieve excellent results in such complex claims. I am passionate about representing those who have suffered the misfortune of sustaining injury as a result of negligent medical treatment. They should not, in my opinion, shy away from holding their treating clinicians to account. Clinicians should act in the best interests of their patients and know the limits of their competence. When that does not happen, there can be significant consequences for patients and that is where my colleagues and I come in to investigate and, where appropriate, obtain redress.”

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