Mesothelioma and Monopoly

There's a moment in most games of Monopoly when you have to make the choice.

Your opponent needs your Pall Mall to complete their set, and they'll offer you a red, a green and a station in return. The deal looks too good to be true - what the hell is she playing at giving up so much?

Of course, it eventually transpires she was playing the long game, and before long you'll be struggling to pay £6 for landing on Old Kent Road.

You won't hear many dissenting voices from insurers about the government's proposed deal for mesothelioma claims. In fact, I'm quite sure they'll be delighted with the package. They will have to fund, at long last, a scheme for helping victims trace businesses’ insurers from decades ago. Finally this will mean justice for those who deserve it.

But the insurers will happily agree to this because the adjoining proposal for an online portal for out-of-court settlements is like Christmas come early...

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