If only it was that simple!  Accidents do not just happen to other people.  If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, which was not your fault, you will appreciate the time, inconvenience and annoyance it can cause!  If you were a passenger injured in an accident, how do you obtain the best advice regarding your injuries?BEWARE some insurers have been involved in offering compensation without the need to instruct a Solicitor or attend a medical – this may appear tempting, however, what if you symptoms do not get better? Once you have settled your claim – you cannot go back to the insurers if you do not make a full recovery!If you have been involved in an accident you have the right to instruct a local Solicitor. You may be offered the services of a panel Solicitor through legal expenses insurance-they will act on your behalf-however, they will almost certainly be out of your area – somewhere ‘up north!’Both passengers and the driver have a ‘freedom of choice’, this means that you have the right to choose a local Solicitor.  In any event, all road traffic accidents are now entered in to a ‘portal’ scheme. This is an online reporting service direct to the other driver’s insurers.The benefit of choosing a local Solicitor is that local knowledge can play a big part and they are easily accessible to you. The Solicitor is able to act on a Conditional Fee Agreement – commonly known as a no win – no fee agreement.In all non-fault personal injury claims, once liability has been accepted, the other driver’s insurers will offer you a level of compensation for your injury, repair/replace your vehicle, or pay any excess on your insurance policy. There are other expenses which can be claimed, such as a loss of earnings, your local Solicitor will be happy to discuss these with you. Local knowledge enables the Solicitor to arrange appointments at a local hospital and advise on claiming travelling expenses and any local expenses such as bridge/ferry tolls.There has been a lot of publicity with regards to referral fees, ambulance chasing Solicitors but, for most people until they find themselves innocently involved in an accident, it has very little meaning.  There are pitfalls in dealing with any aspect of life which is not familiar to us – this is why we would recommend that you obtain the best no win – no fee advice and consult a local Solicitor. If you would like to discuss your options, please contact Kathryn Lewis, Specialist in Personal Injury on 01752 292276. 

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