Negligence in Maternity Care Leads to Life-Altering Injuries for Baby Patrick

Negligence in Maternity Care Leads to Life-Altering Injuries for Baby Patrick

The birth of a child is usually a moment of joy and celebration. However, for Monica and her son Patrick, this event marked the beginning of a profoundly challenging journey because of medical negligence during Patrick’s delivery.

In this article, we share the story of Monica and Patrick, whose experience underscores the devastating impact of medical negligence during childbirth. Our Medical Negligence team at Wolferstans Solicitors worked tirelessly to secure justice and support for their future.

Monica's Pregnancy Journey

Monica’s pregnancy progressed without any major concerns until the 32nd week, when she began experiencing fluid swelling in her hands and fingers along with high blood pressure. Due to these complications, her care was shifted from midwifery led to consultant led. At 33 weeks, the swelling had increased, now affecting her ankles as well. During a follow-up appointment, a reduced fetal heart rate and movement were noted.

Monica was diagnosed with preeclampsia and fetal bradycardia (an irregular heartbeat), necessitating continuous monitoring. Despite the severity of these symptoms, there was a significant delay in the response.

Eventually, an emergency C-section was performed. When Patrick was born, he required extensive resuscitation. The delay in his delivery led to prolonged hypoxia, resulting in permanent neurological damage and cerebral palsy.

The Impact of Medical Negligence on Patrick's Life

The consequences of the delayed birth were severe. Patrick’s condition has profoundly affected his life:

  • Patrick is wheelchair bound and faces bladder and bowel difficulties, including urinary incontinence.
  • Patrick struggles with cognitive problems and fatigue, affecting his ability to work in the future
  • Patrick will require 24 hour care for the remainder of his life.

This negligence has irrevocably altered Patrick’s life. Had he been delivered earlier, he would not have suffered these injuries.

Finding Support at Wolferstans Solicitors

Monica sought the expertise of our Medical Negligence team, led by Elizabeth Smith, the Head of the team. Elizabeth provided exceptional advice and unwavering support throughout the process.

Liz’s commitment to going above and beyond was evident during a round table settlement meeting. Where afterward, Liz invited Monica and her husband to our office, ensuring they felt comfortable and well-informed. She took the time to carefully explain legal jargon and figures, ensuring they fully understood their situation.

Liz’s dedication extended beyond office hours. She also visited Monica and the family at their home to discuss their case and answer any questions, providing patient and thorough explanations at every step.

Securing Interim and Long-Term Support

We secured an interim payment for Patrick, which allowed the family to purchase a wheelchair-friendly vehicle and a new wheelchair. This payment also enabled Patrick to explore his interest in technology, providing him with supplies to further his interests.

Liz and Ann Ball, Associate Paralegal, maintained regular communication with Monica, providing updates and reassurance as needed. This consistent support helped the family navigate the complex legal process with confidence.

Achieving Justice and Financial Security

Our team’s dedication resulted in a significant settlement of approximately £8,900,000. This sum will support Patrick’s care needs, future education, and help him achieve important milestones. Although no amount of money can reverse the negligence, the settlement provides financial security and peace of mind for Monica and her family.

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