New Employment Tribunal Fast Track Scheme

Since April 2009, the names of employers and individuals who fail to pay Employment Tribunal (ET) awards have been added to the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, once enforcement proceedings have been brought against them in the County Court. The Register can be searched by members of the public, banks and credit reference agencies and the move was intended to provide an incentive to settle awards on time. In the first year, details of 570 companies and individuals who have failed to make payments have been added to the Register.

Help is at hand, however, as successful claimants can now avail themselves of an extended service from High Court Enforcement Officers if the other party fails to pay an ET award. An Enforcement Officer will complete the court process and move to enforcement as soon as possible. The only cost to the claimant is a £50 court fee, to issue a writ to seize assets to the value of the amount owed, and this will be added to the sum of money owing to them.

There is a telephone advice line for people pursuing awards. The number is 0845 456 8770.

For all employment related enquires, please contact Eoin Fowell on 01752 292350 or James Twine on 01752 292351


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