Protect your business, Divorce Mediation – The right choice for you

Divorce is an unfortunate reality in life today. Research shows that half of first marriages and over 70% of second marriages end in divorce.

If you are a business owner contemplating a divorce, then you are probably considering a number of issues such as:

  • The emotional impact on you and your family; and
  • The financial impact on you and your family; and
  • What damage can the divorce cause your business etc.

As a business owner you have to understand business risk, funding issues and know the real liquidity of the business. Also you want to keep in control and keep your personal life private.

So how can mediation help you?

The traditional divorce route can mean that a judge may struggle to comprehend your business and misinterpret the real liquidity of your business. You are placing yourself out of control by letting a third party make decisions that will impact on your life, and in particular, your business. Whereas in mediation, you stay in control and your business needs can be looked at properly.

Also, the prized attribute of mediation is the absolute confidentiality aspect. You keep everything private in a few face to face meetings so that your personal affairs do not affect your business.

Other benefits of mediation are it is relatively low cost compared to going to court. It also saves time and stress.

What happens in mediation?

You meet in a neutral location with an impartial, accreditated solicitor-mediator, highly trained to assist you.

After first defining the issues, a greater understanding for each others interests is established. Valuation of the business can be addressed by using an expert and in face to face mediation sessions the financial report can be understood, discussed and evaluated. Thus, you stay in control and you come up with an acceptable agreement.

Mala Mandalia a solicitor specialising in financial issues on divorce and a accreditated mediator and collaborative lawyer at Wolferstans comments: “there is a better way to resolve your issues using alternative methods like mediation that assists you in making your divorce easier by being less stressful, less costly and not as risk laden as going to court as you stay in control of the decisions that will impact on your life and your business”.

For further information on how mediation can help you contact Mala Mandalia telephone 01752 292204 for a free, informal discussion.

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