Quickie Divorce – do celebrities get special treatment?

Tamsin Outhwaite and Tom Ellis are yet another couple who, it has been reported, have been granted a “quickie divorce”. People are given the impression that celebrities can obtain a divorce quicker than most people. In fact,  Outhwaite and Ellis were recently granted the Decree Nisi, which is the first decree to be pronounced in the divorce. It is unclear where the idea of a “quickie divorce” has come from. It could be because undefended divorces usually proceed quicker than defended divorces and undefended divorces are allocated to the Special Procedure List through the Court. The statement that the divorce was granted in just 110 seconds is misleading. The recent Court hearing where the Judge confirmed that the parties are entitled to a divorce, may only have lasted 110 seconds, but there is still some time for the parties to wait before they can be divorced. Outhwaite and Ellis will still have to wait for at least six weeks after the pronouncement of the Decree Nisi before it is possible to obtain the Decree Absolute and be granted a divorce.

Most divorces take six to 12 months to conclude depending on their complexity, this is regardless of the celebrity status of the individuals. 

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