STRB and the 2016 Pay Award

On 7 October 2015, Nicky Morgan published her annual letter to the STRB. The letter made reference to a number of pay related issues which were expanded upon last week in the Policy Paper - government evidence on the 2016 pay award for school staff. The full paper runs to 72 pages so I have selected a couple of the highlights which are being considered:

  • Clarifying that although the average award for public sector pay should be 1%, there should be no expectation that every employee will receive a 1% increase and some staff may receive more than this amount;
  • Promotion of the view that schools are now best placed to decide how pay awards can be targeted to meet their specific local recruitment and retention needs;
  • The possibility of introducing a formal mechanism to allow teachers to move down from the upper pay range to the main pay range without breaching the STPCD;
  • What adjustments should be made to salary ranges and allowances;
  • What adjustments, if any, should be made to the pay and conditions framework to provide additional flexibilities for schools and incentives to recognise performance;
  • Allowing non-academies to award non-consolidated payments to reward strong performance;
  • Reflection on the reforms that have been introduced over the last three years and consider whether there are any additional flexibilities that could be introduced to support schools and to provide further incentives to recognise performance;

We will have to await the next STRB Report to see how many of the considerations above are adopted, but I expect that the majority will be in there, albeit with some tweaking. I will of course provide full analysis once the details have been confirmed.

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