The Artwork

The photographs on display at Wolferstans, online and all marketing materials are by local artists including students from Plymouth College of Art.

Garner Mitchell Photography

We are Rachel and Stacey, two friends who share a love of photography. We can provide photography for most requirements and offer a friendly and approachable service.

We love to capture moments as they happen; fixing your hair on your wedding day, a family walk on the beach at sunset or your four legged friend leaping to catch his ball. Whatever your occassion we can be on hand to capture it, using the great outdoors as our studio wherever possible. Being lucky enough to live in the South West means we have a vast range of beautiful locations at hand and these have also helped us to gather a collection of landscape photographs, which we are always looking to add to.

James Wells

The work James had been working on involved experimenting with a camera that can make great panoramas of landscapes and architecture straight on to a film. James has stepped away from using Photoshop, and instead finds it more satisfying having a piece of film with the image on it created in camera instead of putting it together in Photoshop.

Nicholas White

Nicholas’s love for photography lies firmly within the landscape genre, and the multitude of sub-genres that come from that. The four images displayed from Nicholas are a selection from his personal landscape portfolio, and were all captured around the Plymouth area. The painterly, almost surreal appearance to the images comes from shooting at late evening, enabling Nicholas to extend the cameras shutter to blur any movement resulting in an almost glass-like water surface.

Penelope Davies

The Renaissance period inspired Penelope; in particular the work of Leonardo Da Vinci who said ‘Simplicity is the art of sophistication’. This has been Penelope’s mantra since she embarked upon her degree studies. Photographers who have motivated Penelope are the Formalist artists such as Minor White, Paul Strand and Ansel Adams, whose works concentrate on the simplicity of line, shape and form.

The three images on display derive from a project undertaken at the college to photograph Plymouth’s Public Art. They are abstract urban images, reflecting Penelope’s interest and awareness in the simplicity of the form; they are Penelope’s view and interpretation of Plymouth’s City Centre.

Codie Hobbs

The image on display from Codie is from her personal archive of work, from a series called ‘A Beautiful Disaster’, showing how a devastating event that happened many years ago is now an iconic building within the city.

Emma Hirst

Emma Hirst was inspired by the 70th anniversary of the Plymouth Blitz and was created by layering images taken facing North, South, East and West, on a spot that a bomb fell in Stonehouse. It also has an original newspaper image from the time layered with them to anchor the image in the past.

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