The effects of asbestos to peak in the year 2020

It is now estimated that deaths arising from exposure to asbestos will reach its peak level in the year 2020.  Sadly this means yet more sufferers and their families in the South West, will have to endure the effects of this terrible condition.

Asbestos was used as a fire retardant and insulation material in vast quantities during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It however has been used since the 19th century industrial revolution within construction; on railways; and in the shipbuilding industry becoming even more widely used following World War II.   Plymouth has become a hotspot for asbestos related illnesses due to the huge quantities of asbestos utilised within Devonport Dockyard.  Not only did ships being refitted at Devonport contain asbestos many of the workshops, boiler houses and stores within the Dockyard contained asbestos which would include steam pipes, boilers and be used to tile roofs.

Fortunately, the use of asbestos was banned some time ago, however, its legacy remains.  The public needs to be aware that it is still found in buildings built prior as recently as the 1980’s.  Shockingly, examples of asbestos has been found in Schools and Hospitals when under repair, making possible exposure to asbestos a generational issue that is not going to go away for some time yet.

Once someone has been exposed to asbestos, there is a risk that years later a serious and life threatening illness will arise.  Sufferers may develop one or more of the diseases which are recognised as a result of asbestos. The diseases include Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis and the potentially fatal conditions of Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma.  Symptoms include breathlessness, fatigue and pain in the chest. Once they start it is essential that advice from a specialist is sought. At Wolferstans solicitors we assist in bringing claims for asbestos related illnesses that typically attract an award of between £100,000.00 and £300,000.00 which helps fund care and adaptations to the home which may be required.

James Walsh, Partner at Wolferstans Solicitors and John Messham, Associate Lawyer represent two out of a group of only fifteen across the UK who have been awarded the APIL specialist qualification for asbestos disease litigation.  They are the only two lawyers in the South West with this qualification west of Bristol including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset.

Between them they have over 50 years of experience dealing with asbestos related litigation having dealt with hundred’s of cases and recovering millions of pounds for sufferers of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases in Plymouth and nationally.

If you or someone you know has been exposed to asbestos then please do not hesitate to contact James Walsh of Wolferstans Solicitors for a free no obligation discussion on 01752 292260 or

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