Thinking of a divorce?

Unfortunately, January and February are the busiest months for couples considering a separation or divorce. The festive period can delay the decision and many couples with children decide to wait until the New Year.

“With the difficult financial climate and the news that legal aid is to be cut for family law from April 2013, it is tempting to look for a less expensive way to divorce” says Phil Thorneycroft, Head of the Family Department, at Wolferstans.

“There are online services available, but often they only offer legal information rather than advice. You need to be aware that you are representing yourself and are responsible for filing the correct paperwork.” Divorce or separation is a massive event in a person’s family life which has lifelong consequences for you and your children. It is important that you make the right decisions.

With a local specialist family law solicitor, you can be certain that they know the local court practice. Seeing a specialist family solicitor can often be more cost effective and less stressful. They will also explore alternatives to going to court with you, such as mediation and collaborative law.

At Wolferstans, we pride ourselves on having a team of family law specialists, including in-house mediation services as well as collaborative law services.

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