Why should I use a firm of Solicitors to prepare my Will rather than a Will writers service?

When thinking about your Will, it may be tempting to use a Will writing service rather than instructing a firm of solicitors. The cost may appear less or it may feel less daunting for you to approach a Will writer than a solicitor, but an important point to remember is that Will writers are not regulated to the same standards as solicitors who are fully legally qualified. Your Will is one of the most important documents you may make in your lifetime and using experienced and qualified lawyers will help to make sure you get the best advice for your circumstances ensuring your estate is left in accordance with your wishes.

Many Will writers may in fact charge you separately for preparing the Will, signing the Will, storing the Will and reminding you to review, so while the initial charge may seem cheaper, costs can quickly add up whereas at Wolferstans, our fixed fee covers our whole service.

In addition, claims against estates are becoming more commonplace and experienced lawyers providing face-to-face meetings can help to provide a more thorough service than online or telephone providers which may help protect your estate against such claims.

Will writers very often cannot store your Will which means you may have to take the risk of holding your original Will yourself, or paying for it to be stored by a bank or other safe custodian.

At Wolferstans, our fully qualified lawyers provide face-to-face meetings and advice based on your individual circumstances all within our fixed fee. Our fixed fee also includes draft versions of your Will  being sent for you to review before signing, and the option to have your Will registered on the National Will Register (Certainty) meaning your Will can be traced if a copy is not found amongst your papers at the time you die. We also store your Will free of charge and provide you with a copy for your own records and provide free regular Will reviews.

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