Wolferstans has successfully renewed their Mediation accreditation

We have recently been audited by the Legal Services Commission in relation to the legally aided Mediation work that we undertake and are pleased to confirm that we received authorisation to continue to provide mediation services through the Legal Services Commission. The Legal Service Commission quality assurance process aims to help mediators run a well-managed service that provides a professional, high quality service.

We can continue to offer a Mediation service under Legal Aid for those who qualify and we can also continue to offer privately funded mediations where appropriate.

We are particularly pleased that the auditor commented in her report:-

“Wolferstans demonstrates a strong commitment to the provision of Publicly Funded mediation services.........Mediation work is undertaken by experienced staff whose performance is monitored and knowledge updated on a regular basis.”

Mediation is designed to make the process of separation easier. The process allows separating couples to discuss the issues which they need to resolve between themselves in an attempt to reach a settlement. Mediation is not counselling and doesn’t try to keep couples together but helps to work out the arrangements following separation.

For further information on Mediation or to arrange an appointment please telephone our Mediation Number 01752 292294 or e-mail kwestmacott@wolferstans.com, mluxford-leach@wolferstans.com

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