Birth Injury

Giving birth should be a truly momentous experience. However, if you are not cared for correctly the results can be devastating. During birth, injury can be caused to the mother, baby or both. If an injury was caused by mistakes made by the medical professionals handling the birth, you are likely to be able to claim compensation for a birth injury.

Birth injuries can have a serious long-term impact on both mother and child. One of the most common birth injuries due to medical negligence is Cerebral Palsy. Our birth injury solicitors have the experience to ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible so that you can provide rehabilitation, care and therapy for your child.

If you have been injured during childbirth, or your child has suffered a birth injury, we can help. Our birth injury solicitors have a strong track record of success in even the most complex and sensitive birth injury claims. We are usually able to reach a settlement without the need for you to go to court, meaning we can typically resolve your claim faster and at lower cost to you while allowing you to avoid the stress of attending a court hearing.