Our Approach To The Environment

The world is facing a climate crisis, and urgent action is required to mitigate its devastating effects on the environment. Scientists agree that global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 to achieve sustainability and prevent catastrophic environmental damage.

Wolferstans’ Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Wolferstans LLP, we believe that building strong, long-term relationships with our clients means understanding their needs and priorities, including their concern for environmental protection. We are committed to the highest standard of environmental responsibility to ensure our clients can trust us to meet their legal needs in a way that aligns with their values.

The Green Group: Our Dedicated Committee for Environmental Responsibility

Our team shares this commitment to environmental responsibility, and we have a dedicated committee, The Green Group, which works hard to ensure we are taking steps to fight the climate crisis.

Our Environmental Pledge: Net Zero Emissions by 2050

We have pledged to join the Race to Zero via the Network Net Zero Community and are committed to achieving net zero by 2050 and reducing our emissions by 50% by 2030. We have set short- and long-term targets to achieve our net zero commitments and regularly report our total greenhouse gas emissions.

Actions We’ve Taken to Reduce Our Emissions

  • Providing our team with cutlery, thermal mugs, and bottles to eliminate single-use plastic
  • Installing freshwater filling stations to eliminate single-use plastic
  • Ordering from local suppliers that use plastic-free packaging
  • Using a “Zero to Landfill” waste provider to ensure waste emissions are low
  • Using an eco and green cleaning company for our cleaning services
  • Swapping plastic milk carton deliveries to glass milk bottle deliveries
  • Placing recycling bins throughout our offices
  • Our Pledge to Join the Race to Zero via the Network Net Zero Community

Our Short-term Targets Within the Next 12 Months

We have set short-term targets within the next 12 months, which include:

  • Procuring 100% renewable energy across our portfolio
  • Exploring the commercial availability of green gas procurement
  • Designing a staff poll on commuting activity
  • Continuing to install energy efficiency measures such as LED and sensor lighting
  • Recording electricity meter readings monthly at each site to give a more detailed view of energy consumption at each site
  • Working with SWMAS to better understand our Carbon Footprint and how to make improvements

Wolferstans LLP recognises the urgent need for action, and we are taking concrete steps to reduce our emissions and achieve net zero by 2050. We hope to inspire others to join us in this critical effort to protect the environment for future generations.