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Wolferstans Training Opportunities

Wolferstans has secured its place in The Times Best Law Firms for the fourth consecutive year, providing exceptional legal experiences for our clients. We guarantee a combination of exceptional legal knowledge, practical experience and advice that is easily understood.

Wolferstans is a growing law firm that has a long and proud history of offering training opportunities to those within and outside the Firm.

We offer a variety of approaches, depending on which route candidates wish to take; whether this is a period of recognised training (as part of a ‘traditional’ training contract) or qualifying work experience under the new SQE scheme, both of which lead to qualification as a solicitor. Other routes to qualification, such as through the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, are also available.

What Are We Looking For?

At Wolferstans, we offer a wide range of legal services. As a trainee, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of departments and we welcome candidates who show enthusiasm, resilience and the ability to develop their skills when dealing with a variety of complex matters.

We are looking for trainees who are committed to their role in whichever area of law they are interested in. Candidates should embrace the opportunities presented and the wealth of expertise and experience available throughout the firm.

We seek candidates with strong communication skills, a proactive approach, and a positive attitude. As we select our Trainees, our aim is to identify and nurture future leaders within the Firm. It's noteworthy that several of our present associates and partners embarked on their professional journeys at Wolferstans through this very program.

Benefits Of Training With Wolferstans

At Wolferstans, we offer a quality and diverse training experience with the opportunity for future career progression. As a Trainee, you will receive guidance and support through reviews with one of our Mentors, regular meetings with your training buddy and close supervision within your team from your allocated supervisor.

We value our employees and understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance. Our Trainees are given excellent opportunities to get involved with our local community initiatives and will be fully integrated into the Firm’s supportive and inclusive culture. We encourage our Trainees to join us in sporting and social events and a range of other activities to support their wellbeing.

As part of our corporate social responsibility programme, we host charity events and take part in various activities to raise money for our nominated Charity of the Year. We want our Trainees to get involved and help the Firm raise awareness of local charities.

After qualification, we continue to develop your knowledge by offering regular Firm wide and departmental training, ensuring that staff are in a strong position to evolve with changes to the law and continue to offer an exceptional service to our clients.

Our Training Programme

At Wolferstans we recognise everyone’s route to qualification is different and our training programme is designed to support this.

A common route for our trainees is to complete their Legal Practice Course and then complete their period of recognised training with us, also known as a Training Contract. In September 2021, we welcomed our first group of trainees that are completing their period of qualifying work experience, whilst undertaking their Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE). All of our trainees are given the same opportunities and we encourage them to support each other, regardless of their route to qualification.

Over the course of two years, our trainees will work within four departments of the Firm, known as training ‘seats’. We make sure that we talk to our trainees about which areas they are passionate about experiencing before they start their training. During their training programme, our trainees will have an opportunity to work within nationally accredited teams and learn from industry experts across a range of specialist legal services.

 What Our Trainees Say

James Portman, Trainee Solicitor

"The reason I applied for a training contract originated from my graduation in 2021. I was awarded the Wolferstans best property student and Joshua Chauhan not only took the time to present me with the award, he waited until the end of the ceremony and took the time to introduce himself and speak to my family. This simple act stood out to me compared to other firms and reinforced my intention to work for a supportive, collaborative and progressive firm."

Abigail Russell, Trainee Solicitor

"I chose to apply for a training contract with Wolferstans because of the support that they provide to employee career progression. With a high number of female employees, Wolferstans have proven they can support women in the workplace at all stages of their careers and provide an avenue for consistent progression. I felt that this was therefore a great place to learn and grow in my career for a long time. I have been welcomed to the firm kindly and supported by so many in my training, which has been an amazing way to develop in my department."

Ikra Ghani, Trainee Solicitor

"I chose to train with Wolferstans because of the previous experience I have had with them within the MedLaw Clinic. Upon arrival, the support and friendliness has been overwhelming. I have enjoyed not only the legal work, but the supporting events the firm has put on for us trainees. Joining a firm with a large cohort of trainees has made the experience less daunting. From team meetings, training, to the quality of work itself, it has been in depth and so fascinating already."

What Our Mentors Say

Deborah Black, Partner and Training Principal

"Having recently been appointed as the firm’s Training Principal, I am delighted to be given the opportunity to continue to work with our current and future trainees and build on Wolferstans’ outstanding work in developing talent within the firm and providing excellent opportunities to those who wish to start their legal career with us.

I have been involved in trainee recruitment for many years now, and the recent introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exams means it is a very interesting and exciting time for those starting a career in law. Wolferstans looks for candidates who are committed to building their career here, and in return, as well as the high-quality work available, you will be welcomed into a supportive culture that aims to develop your talents and help you achieve your career goals.

I work closely with the trainees throughout their training, both on trainee projects and mentoring training seats, to ensure that trainees get the most out of their experience with us whilst also being given a real opportunity to contribute to the firm’s growth."

Joshua Chauhan, Partner and Deputy Training Principal

“Empowering the next generation of lawyers is an incredibly important investment for our firm. Although there has been so much change in recent years around the routes to qualify as a solicitor, the qualities that we look for are the same as they always have been – we are looking for well-rounded, diligent and passionate aspiring lawyers who share our values and want to build their career with us.

Wolferstans offers a welcoming, dynamic environment for trainee solicitors to learn from experienced lawyers. Alongside Deborah Black I work closely with the trainees at the firm to ensure that we offer wide-ranging training opportunities that help our trainees to qualify with the skills they will need to be a solicitor in their chosen practice area.

It is genuinely exciting to see driven, talented trainees succeed in building a career in law and something that I am thrilled to be involved in.”

Training applications are now closed. Please follow us on social media @Wolferstans to stay up to date with our upcoming training opportunities.