Commercial Contract Solicitors

Contracts are essential to establishing successful business relationships with everyone from customers and suppliers to outsourcing providers and partner businesses. Getting the right agreements in place can help you work smoothly together, minimising the risk of disputes while providing a strong legal recourse if a dispute arises.

Our dedicated team regularly advise a wide range of local and national clients on many commercial contracts and agreements. This experience means we can deal effectively with the full spectrum of commercial arrangements, making sure the terms match your overall business interests and provide the strong protections you need.

We can offer your business:

  • A free initial discussion and fee quote
  • Fixed fees
  • Direct line services to a dedicated, specialist solicitor
  • Plain English advice tailored to your business

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Our commercial contracts expertise

Our commercial team acts for a wide range of businesses in the South West and nationally, including public institutions, large and small businesses, privately owned and family companies across a wide range of sectors, as well as professional partnerships (firms of solicitors, accountants, medical and dental practices and surveyors).

The team’s work includes commercial agreements of all types such as terms of business, distribution and supply agreements, outsourcing and agreements for the licensing or other provision of technology.

The Wolferstans’ ethos of personal attention to clients and high standards of client service govern the work the team does. Clients will have the personal attention of leading specialists in law involved and advice will be pro-active, responsive and provided under agreed fee budgets. The team has a reputation for getting things done effectively and on time.

How we can help you with commercial contract law

Terms of Business

Terms of business are essential for defining the service you offer, as well as protecting you against disputes. Our team can assist you with reviewing and amending existing terms or drafting new terms of business, making sure all relevant issues are considered, including;

  • Clearly defining your products and/or services
  • Payment terms
  • Any guarantees and/or warranties you offer
  • Delivery timelines
  • What happens if either party cannot meet their liabilities
  • Notice conditions for ending the agreement
  • Which laws govern the agreement

Distribution and supply agreements

Whether you are a distributor, supplier or customer, having the right agreement in place can provide the basis for a reliable relationship that means both parties’ needs are met and their commercial interests protected. We can assist with drafting, reviewing and amending these types of agreements, including advising on issues such as:

  • Whether a formal distribution or supply agreement is needed
  • Defining both parties’ obligations
  • Setting out how any issues will be resolved
  • Terms of notice for ending the agreement

Outsourcing agreements

When outsourcing services or providing outsourcing services, having a formal agreement in place can ensure a more effective relationship and minimise the risk of future disagreements. Our commercial contract lawyers can advise on issues including:

  • Exactly which services will be provided
  • Outsourcing fees
  • Terms of payment
  • Dispute resolution processes
  • Notice terms for ending the agreement

Licensing agreements

If you are licensing equipment, technology, intellectual property or any other business assets, whether as the licensor or licensee, it is critical to have a robust licensing agreement in place that matches your commercial interests. Our commercial team can advise on issues including:

  • What assets are included in the agreement
  • The terms under which those assets can be used
  • How long the licence will last for
  • Licensing fees & payment terms
  • The terms for extending or terminating the agreement
  • How any disputes will be resolved

Our commercial contract law fees

Fixed fee commercial contract services

We can offer straightforward commercial contracts advice and services on a fixed fee basis. This means the full cost will be agreed in advance, so you will know the exact cost before deciding to work with our team.

Hourly rates for commercial contract services

For some more complex matters, we will typically charge according to a set hourly rate. This means we can give you exactly as much support as you need, while offering complete transparency over the costs involved.

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