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Funding a Claim

It will not cost you anything to contact us for initial advice. We are happy to have a confidential discussion with you to advise you whether you have a claim.

If we advise you to make a claim, and you wish to instruct us, we will review all the funding options with you and tell you which one is most appropriate.

There are various ways of funding your claim. The most common are:

No Win No Fee / Conditional Fee Agreements

We act for the majority of our clients on a “no win no fee” basis.  This means that you do not have to pay any legal fees or expenses at the outset of the claim, and you will only have to pay a contribution towards the costs if your claim is successful and you recover damages.

The amount you will pay will be based on the complexities of your claim and will be limited to no more than 25% of your damages. We will discuss this with you in detail at the outset of your claim.

We offer a free initial consultation and as part of that consultation we will assess the merits of your claim based on the evidence that you are able to provide. In many cases this can be done immediately following the initial consultation but in some cases this assessment may take longer, if additional evidence is required.

We may also advise you to take out ”after the event” legal expenses insurance. This covers the defendant’s legal costs and your own expenses during the claim, for example court fees and fees for obtaining medical records or experts reports if your claim is unsuccessful. You will be responsible for paying the insurance premium for this policy if you win. If your claim is unsuccessful, the insurance premium is not payable.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Many people have what is known as “Before the Event (BTE)” insurance as part of their motor, home contents or other policy. This may be described as Legal Expenses Insurance, Family Legal Protection or similar. We will check with you whether you have any such cover and, if you do, we will contact the Insurance Company on your behalf and can act under the terms of that policy. This means your insurance policy covers the costs of making a claim, allowing you to keep the full amount of any settlement won.

Trade Union

If you are a member of a Trade Union, they may provide some cover for legal costs, and we can investigate this for you.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is no longer available for Personal Injury Claims.