Leasehold Sale

Leasehold Price Bracket Standard Fees Partner Fees
Up to £200,000 £1,450 plus VAT* £1,750 plus VAT
£200,001 to £250,000 £1,550 plus VAT £1,850 plus VAT
£250,001 to £350,000 £1,725 plus VAT £2,025 plus VAT
£350,001 to £500,00 £1,875 plus VAT £2,175 plus VAT
£500,001 to £999,999 0.275% plus VAT 0.275% plus £300 plus VAT
Over £1,000,000 Contact us for a quote Contact us for a quote

*All reference to VAT on this page is at the standard rate of 20%

Additional variable fees and expenses (calculated on the basis of):

  • The agreed price of the property
  • The location of the property
  • Your own personal circumstances and reason for selling
  • Ownership of the freehold land and whether the freeholder has appointed an agent or agents to manage the freehold its behalf
Electronic Transfer Fee (our fee to redeem any mortgage or charge including bank charge) £35 plus VAT**
HMLR fee for obtaining title documents £3 per document plus VAT
Landlord/freehold management company/managing agent sales pack fee payable to Landlord/freehold management company/management company *This is likely to be between £120 to £420
Licence to Assign fee payable to Landlord/freehold Management Company *This is likely to be between £100 to £200

*The actual fees payable will be notified to you following enquiry raised of the freeholder. The level of fees payable may depend on the number of flats in the building and the size of the freehold estate.

**All reference to VAT on this page is at the standard rate of 20%

Worked Example of fees and expenditures

Using the information above you can estimate the total sum applicable to your transaction. It is also easy to obtain a specific quote by contacting our Client Services team:

Example - Sale by an individual of a leasehold property in Plymouth for £150,000 subject to a mortgage

Professional Costs £ 1,450.00
VAT on our Fees  £ 290.00
Our Fees INC VAT  £ 1,740.00
Vatable Disbursements
Bank Transfer Fee £ 35.00
Online identity check £ 2.70
Lawyer checker £ 18.00
Non-Vatable Disbursements
Land Registry Fee - Property Title Information £ 15.00
Disbursements  £ 70.70
VAT on Disbursements £ 11.14
Total Disbursements INC VAT  £ 81.84
Our total fees and Disbursements Inclusive of VAT  £ 1,821.84

*These figures are typical but each Landlord/freehold agent has its own charging scale and so the figures provided are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon.

What is included in our standard fee?

The work involved in dealing with a Leasehold sale includes those items set out above under the heading “Freehold Sale” and, in addition, includes:

  • Liaising with your Landlord / your Landlord’s managing agent to make enquiry relating to insurance and ground rent
  • Liaising with your Landlord / the Management Company / managing agent to make enquiry relating to service charges (these are the costs for maintaining the building and any common areas in a good state of repair and condition)
  • Dealing with enquiries raised by your buyer’s solicitors in relation to ground rent and service charges
  • Calculating apportionments of ground rent and service charges
  • Addressing any compliance matters or restrictions on sale

When do our fees become payable?

Our standard fixed fees are due on completion of the transaction. Payments to third parties, such as Land Registry title documents will be payable in advance. We normally ask you to make an initial advance payment on account of £100. If the initial payments are likely to exceed this, we will request an additional sum to cover those expenditures.

Referral fees

We have a commercial arrangement with a few local Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisors to whom we pay a fixed fee for each matter that is referred to us by them. A formal referral agreement is made between Wolferstans and the company or body referring work to us but our duty remains to advise you independently in line with our professional duties. The agreement will not impact on you, as a client, or your rights as a consumer. We will let you know if such an arrangement is in place between Wolferstans and the person or body that has referred you to use our services. We will confirm to you in writing the fee that Wolferstans shall pay to the Referrer on completion of your transaction. Please note, that the fees quoted to you by Wolferstans will not be increased or amended to account for the referral fee.

How long will it take?

The length of time that it takes to complete a sale of a leasehold property depends on various factors, including:-

  • How quickly the other party to the transaction is able to proceed
  • How quickly the conveyancer acting for the other party is able to progress the transaction
  • How quickly you are able to respond to any enquiries or provide us with relevant instructions
  • Whether any unusual or difficult circumstances should arise or come to light during the course of the transaction

It will also depend on the nature of the transaction, for example, whether:

  • the buyer is relying on monies under an advance pay loan agreement such as under the Forces Help to Buy Scheme
  • there are multiple owners
  • the property is subject to existing tenancies
  • the buyer is using a Shared Ownership Scheme
  • the buyer is using the Help to Buy Scheme
  • the transaction is a probate sale/purchase awaiting issue of the formal Grant of Probate
  • the buyer wishes to instruct a Surveyor to prepare a HomeBuyer’s report and the availability of the Surveyor
  • you are selling only a part of a property that is subject to complex rights and reservations
  • you have a related transaction
  • you are selling under a part-exchange arrangement.
  • On average, standard sale transactions take between 6 to 12 weeks to complete.

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