5 top tips to help you move house this autumn

5 top tips to help you move house this autumn

Looking to move homes? One of the advantages of moving housein autumn is that your children are back at school, giving you the opportunityto prepare for moving day with peace of mind that they are safe in school.Not to mention, you will hopefully also be settled in and unpacked, ready toenjoy your first Christmas in your new home!

If you are already on the property ladder, get your home sellerready

Smarten up your home and make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Wherenecessary, declutter and redecorate – a deep clean or fresh coat of paint canwork wonders when selling a property.

Communicate and be patient

When communicating with your estate agent and solicitor, be clear on yourtimescales. If you are in a long chain, sometimes things may shift and you mayhave to sit tight, but that does not stop you from making it clear you wouldlike to move in during autumn.

Choose your solicitors wisely

Once you have found your perfect home, one of the most important things to dois to choose the right solicitor for you. Obtain quotes, compare the costs, andcheck for any hidden additional fees. When narrowing down your shortlist, youshould research the reputation of your solicitor by checking what theirexisting clients say.

Plan for your moving day

Moving to a new house can be a stressful process. If you are doing it yourself,we would recommend starting the boxing up process two weeks before your moving date.If you have a lot of furniture to transport, you may want to think about hiringa removal company. Like choosing the right solicitor, it is important to checktheir prices, locality and what their existing clients say.

Tie up any loose ends

Once contracts have been exchanged, you should inform anyutility companies that you are moving and have all your mail forwarded to yournew address. Now that you’re settled in time for Christmas, why not write yourChristmas cards and post them with your new address pre-printed inside to savesome extra time and money!

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