Securing Justice for Dave: A Success Story in Military Deafness Compensation

Securing Justice for Dave: A Success Story in Military Deafness Compensation

Dave, a dedicated Royal Marine with 15 years of service, embarked on numerous military exercises both in the UK and abroad. Throughout his service, he was exposed to the deafening noise of firearms, military radios, grenades, and military vehicles.

Despite years of faithful service, the cumulative effect of this exposure, coupled with ineffective hearing protection, led to Dave's medical discharge due to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus.

Facing a daunting transition to civilian life, Dave's challenges were compounded by the sudden halt to his military career, just as he had been approved for a promotion. Wolferstans Solicitors recognised the gravity of Dave's situation and stepped in to provide legal support during his time of need.

Despite the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) attempts to deny liability of Dave's case, citing a number of unrelated medical issues, Wolferstans’ team of military claims experts remained resolute in their advocacy. With meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication, the team ensured that Dave's voice was heard, and his sacrifices acknowledged.

As the case progressed towards trial, a breakthrough occurred during a round table meeting.

Wolferstans successfully negotiated a substantial settlement of £670,000, securing much-needed financial stability for Dave. This victory not only provides him with the means to rebuild his life but also ensures access to essential medical care and equipment to manage his condition effectively.

Dave's journey from military service to civilian life serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those who have served their country. Wolferstans' commitment to securing justice for military personnel like Dave reflects our unwavering dedication to serving those who have sacrificed for their nation.

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