Corporate Law: Rowes Garage Limited’s Successful Sale with Wolferstans Solicitors

Corporate Law: Rowes Garage Limited’s Successful Sale with Wolferstans Solicitors

Personally, I don't think there is a better corporate team in the southwest that we could have chosen.

At Wolferstans, we pride ourselves on fostering enduring relationships with our clients based on trust and confidence. Today we share the successful sale of Rowes Garage Ltd, showcasing our commitment to providing exceptional legal services.

Rowes Garage Ltd: A legacy of 90 year

With a rich 90-year history, Rowes Garage Limited, once a family-owned car dealership company with locations spanning Devon and Cornwall, has entered a new chapter. In a significant milestone for the South-West automotive industry our valued clients turned to us once again to assist them with selling their well-established business to a national car dealership.

Navigating the sale

Armed with a profound understanding of our clients' objectives, our experts gave invaluable legal advice in strategic negotiations around the key terms of the transaction at the outset. The outcome was a favourable Heads of Terms agreement that addressed valuation, contractual obligations, and post-acquisition considerations.

Once terms were agreed our teams worked tirelessly to draft and negotiate the contractual documentation - responding to a comprehensive due diligence request from the buyer, reviewing complex legal drafting and working closely with the sellers to ensure that the final documents minimised the sellers’ obligations to the greatest extent possible.

Throughout the entire transaction our dedicated Corporate and Commercial Property teams maintained open lines of communication, offering our clients almost daily updates to ensure their peace of mind.

Teamwork at its best

Behind the scenes our Corporate team, led by Joshua Chauhan and supported by Jasmine Peglar and Luke Arnold, worked seamlessly alongside our Commercial Property team, led by Pippa Tanner-Wood. Together they worked to simplify the complex layers of the transaction for our clients.

Minimising the workload for our clients, by navigating through complicated legal paperwork and collecting information to respond to legal due diligence enquiries on their behalf, we executed a coordinated approach. This not only ensured efficiency but also greatly reduced hassle and stress for our clients.

Our commitment to walking the clients through every detail emphasised our dedication to ensuring their full understanding and unwavering comfort throughout the entire process.

But let's hear from the true stars — our clients

The owners of Rowes Garages Ltd shared their experience in their Review Solicitors review:

Professional with excellent customer care & communication

“We sold our large family run business through Joshua Chauhan and his team at Wolferstans. From our very first meeting through to completion their dedicated and professional approach gave us the confidence we had made the right choice.

During the entire transaction we were kept updated and informed, and nothing was missed. Joshua's attention to detail and dedication, along with his teams’ hard work made the whole process much easier than we anticipated.

Personally, I don't think there is a better corporate team in the southwest that we could have chosen.”

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