DIY Divorce – Is It Worth It?

DIY Divorce – Is It Worth It?

With purse strings being squeezed and cuts in Legal Aid, there has been a marked increase in the number of people tempted to look for a less expensive way to divorce.

You may have come across advertisements offering online divorce services at prices ranging from as little as £50 for a so-called “quickie divorce”. This may sound like a bargain, but before you proceed with this route, let’s investigate further to see what it entails, says Vikki Martin, Head of the Family Department, at Wolferstans.

With an online service you complete a questionnaire and this information will be used to prepare the forms which will then be emailed to you. You will have to file them with the court and you will be responsible for progressing the case from beginning to end. What happens though if the forms are incorrect?

Divorce proceedings which would historically have been issued in the Court most local to you are now processed centrally in Southampton. It is no longer as simple as delivering the paperwork to your local Court and asking someone behind the counter to process it for you. If the paperwork submitted to Southampton is inaccurate or incomplete it will simply be returned to you unprocessed, or worse, it will be processed but later rejected by the Judge and you will be asked to pay an amendment fee.

Going through a divorce means making decisions on how property, savings, pensions and other assets will be sorted out as well as what arrangements will need to be made for children. Online services normally don’t cover this and it is important to apply caution.

With a local specialist family law solicitor, you can be certain that they know the court procedure, will complete the forms for you and will process all paperwork from start to finish. In addition to guiding you through your divorce, you will also receive clear legal advice on the other aspects of your divorce relating to finances and children. This will help you to make decisions to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. There is no question that seeing a solicitor will be more expensive than £50 but seeking advice from specialist family law solicitor is likely to be more cost effective and less stressful.

At Wolferstans, we pride ourselves on having a team of family law specialists, offering you an honest appraisal of your circumstances on a value for money basis and with peace of mind. Contact us today on 01752 663295.

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