Graham’s Journey to Discovering the Cause of his Cancer

Graham’s Journey to Discovering the Cause of his Cancer

Meet Graham, a former electrician who worked at Devonport Dockyard, unaware of the hidden dangers. Little did he know that his encounters with asbestos and other carcinogens at work would lead to a life-altering diagnosis of bladder cancer.

Whilst working as an electrician, Graham unknowingly faced the insidious threat of not only asbestos but also other carcinogens. Above pickling tanks, alongside painters, and above welders, he encountered a silent enemy that would forever change his life. To add to the risk, he also spent a brief period in the radioactive department, further increasing his exposure to hazardous substances.

Wolferstans Solicitors: Champions in the Battle for Justice

When Graham reached out to Wolferstans Solicitors, seeking guidance and support, he was met with our asbestos team who understood the gravity of his situation. His fight against bladder cancer, which had already subjected him to multiple surgeries, was an uphill battle.

From the moment Graham contacted Wolferstans, our asbestos solicitors recognised the importance of his case. Graham and his Solicitor, Dean Cruickshanks, forged a genuine connection and established a bond of trust. Dean didn't see Graham as just another client; he saw him as a partner in the fight for justice.

In their pursuit of justice for Graham, Dean and his team faced the challenge of limited research on the link between asbestos exposure and bladder cancer. Despite this obstacle, they worked tirelessly, collaborating with professionals to gather the necessary evidence for Graham's compensation claim.

The COVID-19 pandemic added further hurdles as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) struggled to provide essential documentation. To safeguard Graham's claim within the limitation period, Dean secured a 3-month suspension. When the MOD failed to produce the required records, court proceedings were initiated to protect Graham's rights.

Eventually, the team was able to prove that Graham's condition had in fact been caused by the carcinogens he was working above, as opposed to the asbestos he was working with.

Although the MOD was unable to provide crucial documentation, We sought guidance from esteemed legal counsel, Tom Challacombe of KBG Chambers. The specialist guidance, along with our expertise, led to a settlement offer of £55,000, which gave Graham peace of mind as he continued his journey.

Graham's Determination Shines Through

Throughout this matter, Graham remained determined. His extensive research into the carcinogens used during the pickling process provided vital evidence to support his claim. He kept in regular contact with Dean and allowed him to share detailed drawings of his work locations, leaving no doubt about the hazardous conditions he faced.

Remarkably, our plea for witnesses on social media brought forward four individuals who provided compelling statements, further bolstering Graham's case.

This victory represents not only Graham's personal triumph but also our team’s unwavering commitment to fighting for their clients, no matter the obstacles. Dean and the entire team take immense pride in having been part of Graham's remarkable journey.

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