Grieving Family Secures Justice and Closure After Asbestos Tragedy

Grieving Family Secures Justice and Closure After Asbestos Tragedy

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and painful experience, made even more so when their death was caused by someone else's negligence. This was the situation faced by Sharon, whose husband passed away due to mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

The family had suspected that his illness was caused by exposure to asbestos during his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at Devonport Dockyard in the 1940s. However, no witness evidence was available as legal help was not sought during his lifetime, so no one had been able to take a statement from Bryan, and none of his former colleagues could be identified.

Two years after Bryan’s death, Sharon turned to Wolferstans Solicitors for help. Liz Makin, an asbestos expert, took on the case, determined to get justice for the family.

Despite the lack of witness evidence, Liz and her team carefully prepared the case and obtained supportive lay witness evidence from another dockyard worker who had worked there in the 1960s. This was used to persuade the MOD's claims handlers that conditions regarding exposure to asbestos would have been no better in the 1940s than the 1960s, and the MOD accepted they were to blame.

The case was complicated by the fact that Bryan’s mesothelioma could not be confirmed during his lifetime by biopsy surgery, and the coroner chose not to order a post-mortem examination. However, with the help of a medical expert, Liz was able to diagnose mesothelioma and prove that Bryan’s death was caused by asbestos exposure.

The case was settled successfully, with substantial damages awarded to Bryan’s estate for the benefit of his bereaved wife, Sharon. The damages covered pain and suffering, care, funeral expenses, and a financial and services dependency claim.

It was a victory for the family, who had been through so much pain and suffering because of Bryan’s illness and death. Liz Makin's expertise and dedication were crucial in securing justice for the family, despite the lack of witness evidence.

Asbestos-related illnesses are often difficult to prove, but with the right legal team on your side, you can fight for the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been affected by asbestos, don't hesitate to contact our asbestos experts today. We can help you navigate the legal system and get the compensation you deserve.

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