The end of Covid restrictions?

The end of Covid restrictions?

The Government has announced that a review of the current Covid restrictions might take place much sooner than initially thought, with the possibility of all restrictions being lifted by the end of February. The review was initially due to take place at the end of March, but providing the Coronavirus data continues to improve, the review should take place once the Government has returned from recess.

Proposed changes

The main proposed change is the plan to abolish the legal need to self-isolate following a positive test result. Whilst further information as to what exactly this means for employers and employees alike, the Government has recommended that employees do not go to their workplace if they do have a positive result.
The hope is that Covid will be treated in a similar fashion to the flu, in that there is no legal obligation to isolate but it is recommended that people do not attend work.
For now, not much has changed but employers need to keep alive to the fact that the workplace could look very different in a short while. If the proposed changes do go ahead, it is likely that there will still be some employees who are uneasy about returning to work and life becoming more “normal” so it would be advisable to be open and honest with the company’s strategy and how it intends to implement the updated guidance.
Employers are still advised to ensure that the workplace has adequate ventilation and encourage the wearing of masks in common areas.
Employers should also continue to highlight the importance of lateral flow testing and not require anyone to come to work who tests positive.
If you would like any help on how to handle Covid in the workplace or advice on the proposed changes, please get in touch with a member of the team on 01752 663295.
Written by:
Steph Marsh

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