Molly’s Trainee Journey: Networking and Charity Support

Molly’s Trainee Journey: Networking and Charity Support

I am now nearing the end of my first seat of my Training Contract and as part of my third blog; I wanted to touch on some of my recent training highlights.

As part of the role of a Trainee at Wolferstans, there are many networking and community outreach opportunities to take part in. I wanted to utilise my time as a Trainee to really get stuck in with this side of my training.

During December, I had organised a team to take part in the Plympton Rotary Club’s Christmas Collections to raise money for our nominated charity of the year, The Mustard Tree, as well as various local and international charities of which the Rotary Club support. This really was a great experience and a way to spend time with colleagues whilst taking part in a worthwhile activity. The Rotary Club had raised an impressive £5,000 for local charities and this is something that I hope to take part in again in the future, along with my Wolferstans colleagues.

Throughout January, I wanted to ensure that I was taking part in the various community outreach projects that Wolferstans are a part of. One area of this which interested me was the current outreach into local schools across Plymouth. I then was able to organise an assembly at a local school for A-Level students to give some insight into the routes into Law, advice on getting through A-Levels and University applications as well as a bit about Wolferstans- who we are and what we do within the community. It was great to receive a lot of interest and questions from students who are interested in Law and how to progress from their studies into the legal sector.

As well as an assembly, I was also able to assist with a number of Year 11 mock interviews. This was a great opportunity, again, to answer the questions that students had in respect of what is required to have a career in Law, I was able to share my experiences with University and the SQE as well as promote various other, new, routines into Law such as an apprenticeship. This was definitely a training highlight for me as it gave me time to reflect on the various stages I had progressed through in order to be where I am now within my career, but also enabled me to give welcomed advice to students who may well be the future of the legal sector.

Overall, my experience as Trainee so far has opened many doors in terms of networking and meeting other professionals. It has also enabled me to extend my role into charitable endeavours and assist others, for example, students who may aspire to be in this position in the future. This has also encouraged me to ensure that I am able to balance work with my studies and other commitments which is an invaluable skill when working within a busy role.

I hope to carry this on throughout my Training contract and look forward to what is next.


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