Rhys’ Training Journey: New Seat and New Skills!

Rhys’ Training Journey: New Seat and New Skills!

Earlier this year I moved into the Employment department, which is the second seat of my Training Contract. I have now been in this new department for 3 months and I can confidently say that I am enjoying my role, and the work is most definitely keeping me on my toes.

Although I have only been with the Employment team for a short space of time, I have already had the opportunity to sit in on settlement meetings, attend Employment Tribunal hearings, and meet with several clients, both employers and employees, to deliver HR support and legal guidance surrounding employment law issues. I have had an interest in employment law since studying it on my undergraduate degree and LPC, so I have been eager to get some hands-on experience in this department – it has not disappointed!

What’s new?

For those who haven’t been keeping track of my earlier posts, the first seat of my Training Contract was in the Residential Conveyancing department, which is obviously worlds apart from where I am now. I think that, other than the work itself being of a different nature, one thing which has really set this new department out from my previous one, is that the work I am now completing has a contentious aspect to it (e.g. involving some form of dispute). For context, I have not previously worked in a contentious area of law, so this is all new territory to me.

The contentious elements of my role have truly opened my eyes to just how delicate and complex employment-related disputes can be. From tense emails from the opposing side, to emotional phone calls with clients who have lost their livelihoods, I have quickly realised that tough skin and an empathetic mindset are crucial everyday skills for an employment lawyer.

Education law

In addition to Employment issues, my team act for a number of clients in the education sector, which is an entirely new area of law to me and something which I have not previously explored in my studies. I have quickly become acquainted with the twists which accompany educational matters and have had to familiarise myself with the Green and Burgundy Books (key documents which govern working conditions for teachers and support staff).


I have also been enjoying the responsibility given to me as a Trainee Solicitor in the department. In March, when I joined the team, I felt that I was miles away from being able to independently advise a client in relation to their matter. Fast forward to just a couple of months later, and I have already been entrusted to meet and communicate with clients to deliver pragmatic advice to guide them through the situation they are facing.

What’s next?

As I approach the half-way mark of this seat, I am looking forward to seeing what the next 3 months have in store for me and developing my knowledge and skill set even further with the guidance of the experienced employment team. The support I have received from my new team has been exceptional and has encouraged me to hit the ground running! I am very much looking forward to the remainder of my seat and strengthening my abilities even further.


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