Why Not Take The Plunge?

Why Not Take The Plunge?

We are almost exactly three years on from both the Referendum and England losing to Iceland at Euro 2016; but the way in which both events have been handled can be viewed in stark contrast. The England Team accepted their defeat, appointed a new manager (albeit Big Sam did not last long) and then moved on to Gareth Southgate who was not a popular choice. However, the FA (and eventually the people) got behind Gareth and what followed was England’s most successful World Cup campaign in three decades and a renewed feeling of positivity. Compare this to Brexit which has seen three years of debate, indecision, and unquantifiable loss of time, energy and resource while yielding nothing!

What I am rather clumsily trying to demonstrate, is that it is usually better to take the plunge, than to do nothing for fear of the unknown. I am by no means, a Brexiteer, but what upsets me more than the result of the vote is the crippling effect of stagnation which has followed. The same applies to business; if you are fearful of taking the plunge, of recruiting that additional member of staff, moving to that larger unit or going after that client whom seems out of reach, then the risk is your business will go backwards because of your fear of taking a step in the other direction.

During the last three year’s at Wolferstans, our Business Services Team has taken bold and ambitious strategic decisions including investing in technology, a paper-light office, hot-desking, aggressive recruitment and relocating to a separate office. The results have been record growth, turnover and profit which many of our clients have also experienced by joining us on our bold journey.

If you are planning on expanding your business, whether that is through relocating to larger premises, investing in technology, expanding your workforce, or going after a new client, please feel free to contact our Business Services Team for a free of charge and no obligation strategic review. Through the review we can advise on any legal implications of your proposed moves and look to partner your business with recommended service providers if deemed appropriate. Alternatively, if you are not yet ready to take the plunge or feel that certain aspects of your business could benefit from further scrutiny, we are also offering a free business health check to include a review of your terms and conditions, contracts of employment and constitutional documents.

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