Bereavement Assistance Service FAQs

This is an Advice and Assistance Service for where a Grant is not required. It is only available for certain types of estates, such as where assets are in joint names and a Grant of Probate is not needed.

What is included?

  • Arranging for all joint accounts and assets to be transferred into a sole name
  • Arranging for all utility companies to be advised and utility accounts to be transferred into a sole name
  • Completion of forms to access funds from accounts when a Grant is not required
  • Arranging for the funeral to be paid
  • Notification to the Land Registry (where required)
  • Notification to pension providers
  • Notifying the Bereavement Register to ensure that junk mail is stopped

What is not included?

The following are examples of further work which can be undertaken at your request, but which will be charged for separately:

  • Dealing with unregistered land or transfers of land not in joint names
  • Completion of tax forms for the deceased or for a surviving spouse or partner
  • Benefit or pension claim forms
  • Advice upon Deeds of Variation
  • Application for a Grant of Probate if it becomes required
  • Advice in relation to life policies or assets held in Trust or outside of the estate

What does it cost?

This service has a standard estimate fee with our charges being £950 plus VAT.

The following fees may be incurred in addition:

  • Fees to obtain new death certificates (approximately £11 – £23.40 for the first certificate)
  • Land Registry fees (from £20 dependent upon the value of the property. Some Land Registry fees may attract VAT)
  • Statutory Declaration (approximately £7 per person per document required).

How long will it take?

We anticipate that this work will take 4-6 weeks.

In the event that additional work is required for any reason or an unforeseen complexity arises that means that the above pricing structure is no longer appropriate we would advise you of this at the outset, or as the situation arises.

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