5 Service Personnel Medically Discharged Each Day

5 Service Personnel Medically Discharged Each Day

The annual figures for Medical Discharges in the UK Regular Armed Forces were published in July 2019 and show a reduction from 2,451 in 2017/18 to 1,869 in 2018/19. This figure equates to approximately 5 UK Regular Armed Forces personnel medically discharged each day during 2018/19. The highest numbers are being discharged from the Army.

The physical demands upon our armed forces are high with the main causes of medical discharge being musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Mental health issues are the next most common cause…

Whilst the reduction in the number of personnel being medically discharged is encouraging, the figure remains high.

Sadly, it remains the case that injured personnel are not being advised by the MOD of the potential routes to compensation, other than under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, and injured service personnel are losing out financially.

A civil personal injury claim can run alongside an AFCS claim. This is a claim for damages pursued through the courts, although in most cases it is not necessary to attend Court.

To be successful, it is necessary to show that someone was at fault. A lawyer can advise whether there is enough evidence to prove this. Any claim will be against the Ministry of Defence and not the individuals who may have been involved in your accident.

A personal injury claim can take into consideration not only the injury and the pain and suffering that brings but also any loss of pay and benefits and future losses including future earnings and pension. Therefore, civil compensation awards are often higher than through AFCS.

Wolferstans Solicitors have experience in military injury claims against the MOD, are members of Forces Law and attend APIL Military conferences on an annual basis.

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