Cold weather training injuries – claiming against the MOD

Cold weather training injuries – claiming against the MOD

As military personnel, cold weather training can be a crucial aspect of your training. Conducted in realistic environments, such as Norway, cold weather training can bring unique risks and hazards that test your capabilities.

However, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a duty to protect its employees and ensure their safety during training exercises. This should be achieved through proper planning, risk assessments, and supervision.

What are the common issues that arise during cold weather training?

  • Insufficiently fitted helmets
  • Inadequate sock and wet clothing management
  • Failure to wear appropriate clothing, such as gloves, socks, and boots
  • Ignoring complaints and concerns
  • Lack of safe and warm shelter and food
  • Neglecting weather conditions, individual abilities and training levels

What injuries can occur during cold weather training?

Non-Freezing Cold Injuries

Non-freezing cold injuries can occur from the sustained cooling of peripheral tissue in temperatures ranging from just above freezing to 15°C. NFCIs often result from exposure to persistent wetness and can affect the hands and feet.

Symptoms to be aware of include discolouration, pain and numbness, swelling, and excessive sweating. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately.

Head injuries

Head injuries can also occur during cold weather training, especially in the event of a fall. Concussion and serious head injuries can be life-threatening.

All participants, instructors, and supervisors should be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussion, such as headache, dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, slurred speech, neck pain, and nausea and vomiting.

If you, or a loved one, have sustained injuries during cold weather training, you might be entitled to compensation.

How can Wolferstans Solicitors help you?

At Wolferstans Solicitors, our Armed Forces team has extensive experience in handling military injury claims against the MOD and are members of Forces Law and attend APIL Military conferences.

We have helped many members of the Armed Forces community secure the compensation and support they deserve, following injury whilst serving.

“Linda Woollams and her team at Wolferstans were outstanding at dealing with my claim against the MOD with regards an Injury sustained at work. Their knowledge of how the MOD works really helped when it came to them understanding what had happened and how the Army functions. I was kept informed every step of the way and had a very favourable outcome. I would recommend Wolferstans and, in particular, Linda to anyone needing a Solicitor.” Mr Hilton on Review Solicitors

“The level of service from this law firm is outstanding. I would recommend anyone wanting to claim from an injury to use this team. I was injured as a result of being in the Armed Forces. Linda and her team took to this challenge and completed an excellent result.” Micky on Review Solicitors

For a free initial consultation with our lawyers, please contact us on 01752 292212 or Our Armed Forces experts will discuss your situation and whether you can make a personal injury claim against the MOD.

How do I fund my claim?

If you choose to make a claim, our team will provide a confidential discussion to advise you on your options. There are several funding options available, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (also known as a "No Win, No Fee" agreement), and Legal Expense Insurance that may be part of your home contents or other insurance policy. We will review the best funding option for you and assist you in pursuing your claim.

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