Protect Your Future in the Armed Forces: Don’t Let an Injury During Easter Leave Hold You Back

Protect Your Future in the Armed Forces: Don’t Let an Injury During Easter Leave Hold You Back

Easter Leave is upon us and for many service personnel, it can often mean a journey cross country to get home.

Leave is a time for visiting family and friends and unfortunately accidents and injuries don’t take time off.

Sustaining an injury during annual leave can lead to medical discharge from the Armed Forces and with no entitlement to AFCS. Even a minor injury can mean medically unfit for service.

What type of place or accident can lead to injury?

  • Road traffic accidents whether in a vehicle, as a cyclist or a pedestrian
  • Assault, head injury and brain injury
  • Slips and trips in shops, pubs, and clubs, and on public pavements and roads
  • Injuries caused by animals
  • Accidents abroad

What to do if you sustain an injury during your annual leave?

Seek medical attention and, if appropriate, report the incident to the Police (Road traffic accidents, assault, animal attacks). For minor injuries, you may not want to seek medical attention, but it is important to get checked out and have your injuries noted on medical records, if appropriate. Contents of your medical records will assist a solicitor if you wish to bring a claim.  Ensure, if you can, that medical practitioners note down the circumstances of the incident accurately.

Report the injury to your unit medical centre. Contact your unit if unfit to travel back to your unit on completion of annual leave.

Gather evidence – note down the immediate circumstances.  If there are any witnesses, exchange contact details with them. Have a look around, is there any CCTV that may have caught the incident on camera?

Keep receipts and notes of anything you pay for as a result of the injury, such as over-the-counter pain relief, hospital parking, taxis, and care.

How can Wolferstans Solicitors help you?

At Wolferstans Solicitors, our Armed Forces team has extensive experience in handling military injury claims against the MOD and are members of Forces Law and attend APIL Military conferences.

We have helped many members of the Armed Forces community secure the compensation and support they deserve, following injury whilst serving.

“Linda Woollams and her team at Wolferstans were outstanding at dealing with my claim against the MOD with regards an Injury sustained at work. Their knowledge of how the MOD works really helped when it came to them understanding what had happened and how the Army functions. I was kept informed every step of the way and had a very favourable outcome. I would recommend Wolferstans and, in particular, Linda to anyone needing a Solicitor.” Mr Hilton on Review Solicitors

“The level of service from this law firm is outstanding. I would recommend anyone wanting to claim from an injury to use this team. I was injured as a result of being in the Armed Forces. Linda and her team took to this challenge and completed an excellent result.” Micky on Review Solicitors

For a free initial consultation with our lawyers, please contact us on 01752 292212 or Our Armed Forces experts will discuss your situation and whether you can make a personal injury claim against the MOD.

How do I fund my claim?

If you choose to make a claim, our team will provide a confidential discussion to advise you on your options. There are several funding options available, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (also known as a "No Win, No Fee" agreement), and Legal Expense Insurance that may be part of your home contents or other insurance policy. We will review the best funding option for you and assist you in pursuing your claim.

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