Education Update

Matters have been fairly quiet in terms of developments on the education front but if you have not yet done so, it is worth considering December’s Government evidence to the STRB for the 2016 pay award. Some of the highlights include:

  • Clarifying that there should be no expectation that every employee will receive the 1% public sector increase;
  • Emphasising that schools are now best placed to decide how pay awards can be targeted to meet their particular recruitment and retention needs;
  • The possibility of introducing a mechanism to allow teachers to move from the upper pay range to the main pay range without breaching the STPCD;
  • The possibility of providing schools with additional flexibilities for incentives to recognise performance, including the possibility of allowing non-academies to award non-consolidated payments to reward performance; and
  • General consideration of the reforms introduced over the last three years and what further changes might be introduced.

The flavour of the report is certainly a further nod in the direction of greater freedom for all schools but we will have to watch this space.

During December the DfE also issued updated Guidance on Implementing your school's approach to pay the only real change being further guidance on what might constitute “a significant change of responsibilities” when it comes to amending the pay of incumbent school leaders. The key being the “extent to which the change creates new levels of accountability and responsibility” albeit that it will then be for governors to decide whether such a change should be regarded as significant. If you subscribe to our HR service, consideration and recommendations of these issues is included within the scope of your package so please feel free to pick up the phone.

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