Chloe’s Training Journey – Juggling Full-Time Work and Study

Chloe’s Training Journey – Juggling Full-Time Work and Study

I am now into my second month of my new seat and I am exploring the world of conveyancing whilst getting to grips with this brand new area of law. So far, amongst other things, I have drafted contract documentation, exchanged contracts and looked into enquiries raised by the other side. I have also asked (and continue to ask) a lot of questions!

I am really enjoying learning all about this new seat and feel it will give me invaluable skills, not only when I go through the conveyancing process myself one day but also developing other skills such as communication, time management and attention to detail. I have been welcomed into the friendly team and I am enjoying learning something new each day.

Whilst adjusting to my new seat, I am also studying alongside for my upcoming SQE2 exams. The balance between work and study is tricky but do-able. The firm has been really supportive in my SQE journey and understands the difficult work/study balance. There are other trainees and newly qualified solicitors who are going through or have been through the same exams. It is reassuring to speak with others about the process, voicing any worries or questions.

Working full time whilst studying for exams is a situation many students find themselves in. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to trust the process. I am studying with a course provider and would highly recommend completing a preparation course if sitting the SQE.

Time management is a crucial skill when working and studying and you do have to make sacrifices, turning plans down to prioritise study time but know that it will be worth it. My goal of qualification feels within reach and that’s such a good feeling!

For any aspiring solicitors who may find themselves in the same study and work situation, I assure you it is possible, with determination and hard work and remember that you're not alone!

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